"Sai-keaw Beach" Sattahip Chonburi

Sai Keaw Beach
Sattahip Naval Base, Chumphon Navy Rating School and Navy Recruit Training Center

Surprisingly, quite larger than its given name, Ao Noi (meaning a small bay in Thai) covers a total area of 116 rai or 46.5 acre, located in the boundary of Sattahip Royal Navy Base and managed by Chumphon Navy School-Naval Rating School. This lovely bay was previously reserved for Thai marines' training until it was officially opened as a new tourist attraction on January 22, 2003.

Service center for visitors:

1.Office buildings. There are regular services to facilitate the foreign tourists.

2. House-room house put a natural ,suitable for a holiday stay.

3.Accommodation tent for the service. With natural on front area of the beach.

4.Massage services

5.Restaurant service

The rapidly famous charm of this bay is a crescent white calm beach, spotlessly clean and known as Had Sai Kaew . It has 914 meters length overall, 450 meters of which is pure sand. We saw the beach surrounded by mountain scenery, and green groves. There were some bungalows, a Thai food shop, a bar beer and shelters spreading along the beach.

Appropriate time to travel. Able to relax throughout the year.
It is the most appropriate time. Early winter months from late September to early December, because no strong winds and waves, winds calm.

On weekdays, Monday to Friday. Will allow access to the Sai-keaw beach trip will be led into a car park near the beach. But on Saturday or Sunday off will not allow the car to a private beach. And on Saturday and Sunday will be a bus service a ฿ 30 /person.
Sai-Keaw Beach is near Pattaya City. If you come to Pattaya. Sai-keaw Beach is the one Place
to Visited.
It's not far from Bangkok.
Had Sai Kaew is approximately 20-30 minutes drive from Jomtien along the sumkumvit road towards Sattahip/Rayong, the naval base quite rightly charges a small fee to enter this beautiful well kept beach, this area will delight all that visit, the turquoise clear water rolling up gently against the beach and the charming service and views out to the ocean will calm and delight you.

Nature of tourism.
A conservation-oriented tourism. The nature of the beach.
Remain not allowed to bring the car to within beach Because the ramp is steep beach with a car's own leadership.
Visitors to the The office is usually where the beaches are a variety of devices such as a tent to stay overnight. After ฿ 300 per bed per night or $ 10 each after canvas or in a bungalow on 2 people per night fee. ฿ 700 and accommodation is also a night per room ฿ 1,400 and ฿ 1,000 in services with each other. Water sports equipment is available in full.

Natural manner.
A sustainable conservation tourism. It will maintain the natural beauty as a main Car has been sending ฿ 20 each (not allowed to bring cars into beach on holiday with travel services such as camp equipment, diving equipment, boat equipment, beach vacations are a restaurant and beverage services, fresh water shower.
Prohibition to hold practices. Tourism to sustainable conservation.

1. no rubbish left by glass bottle glass fragments, and the beach path is strictly prohibited.

2. including non-fire cooking and cook in the area.

3. does not cut wood or stone does not collect sand and coral.

4. follow the beach staff recommended by strictly

Center for Book Hotel .
Contact telephone number 086-7006931.
Naval Rating School


  1. Do you know if foreigners are allowed on this beach, as I understand this is a Royal Navy property ?

  2. cool man, its great beach.
    hmm, do you wanna come in Belitung? This place has a good beach too.

    Belitung Tourism Board - Granite on the Beach

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